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At the very early first, I was an atheist, now I’m a buddhist, you may ask me why, actually they are not confict with each other. People often say that buddha bless me please, will buddha really appear and help us? I don’t know, but I prefer to believe that actually buddha is always live in our deep heart, however, most of the time, we can’t find him and it’s difficult for us to hear from him, because of too many noise around us.

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There are many authors talked about their rejected themes on the Themeforest Forum, actually some of those themes are really looks very good and useful, but unfortunately they just doesn’t reach the themeforest requirement, however, it’s not said these themes are become useless for end-user, right? 

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Samsara Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

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In the past two months, I worked on my new theme – Samsara, and it was finally get aprroved on Themeforest.net today morning! Thank Buddha!

Samsara is a Multiple Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme with fully customizable and unlimited style. You can not only use it to create a unique website with business style for your company service or product, but also create your personal blog or creative portfolios site easily. The important is that Samsara is compatible with WooCommerce plugin that allow you to append an online shop on your website conveniently.

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I’m always hard working on Themeforest, I have released a new wordpress theme but it was rejected, I don’t want to waste my times I spent on this theme, so I tried to submit it to Mojo Marketplace and it was approved finally! To be honest, at first, I don’t think it will get more sales here than published on Themeforest, because Themeforest has huge traffic and buyers.

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Like my wife said, if you are working hard for your dream every day, the whole world will help you. Yes, she’s right.

In this year, I have the honor to join Envato market, to meet some warmhearted people, they were help me to improve my designing works, translate the product documentation, etc.

The most important is I’ve met a good friend, he was tell me more interest things about Zen.

Anyway, I have benefited a lot from them, thanks all the friends, Thanks Bodhisattva!

In the next year, I hope both you and me will be better and better, especially, I wish my English will be improved as soon as human possible, haha…

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在明年的规划当中,学习占的比重超过了工作,尤其是提高英语,如果希望从浩瀚的互联网上获取更多有效信息来拓展视野,那么语言太重要了,我新年最大的希望就是赶快改善一下我这蹩脚的英语!再者也想去泰国有机会能拜会那位Themeforest上的牛人,我不希望那时别人听不懂我这地道的老西安腔English :)


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From January to September in 2013, finally I get Elite Author in Envato in the pass 8 months. Thanks all my clients and Envato Market!

I will design more useful wordpress themes in the future and provide the best support service to all the users!


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